I remember his armored face
and how I saw right through it
Longing for his tender embrace
The memory of how our bodies fit

The dance that swept me off my feet
As all looked on with curiosity
Craving his kiss…so sweet
Delighting in our sensuosity

We knew a love so intoxicating
The strong arousal left an imprint
The never ending spark of chemistry
Where intense memories became a blueprint

I thought it was a fantasy
Confusion seemed to cloud my mind
as I wondered how he ambushed me
They say that love is often blind

This mysterious Knight held the key
To a desire that was so mind – blowing,
Even now I can still feel the energy
Of our passion overflowing

The Lady of Shallot misunderstood
Escaped the tower on that fiery night
Victory, forgiveness, myself understood
I gained my freedom…but lost my beloved Knight!