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  • This was a time when dating was rediscovered, the painting highlights the beauty of the gown, however the woman leans back sitting against the table, blending into the candlelight. Capturing the uncertainty and the shyness of a woman that knows it is time to feel life again but does not have the self-confidence or the knowledge on how to begin!
    Acrylic/Canvas - 51" x 27" (Framed)
  • These angels came to me one night in a dream. I got up in the middle of the night and did a rough sketch. The painting came easily to me, as the brush flowed in my hand.
    Acrylic/Canvas - 24" x 18"
  • Artistic Coffee Mugs. Wake up to that first cup of coffee with an original art scene designed by artist Maria Beck. These mugs have a beautiful finish and are dishwasher safe!
  • Artistic Face Masks. Express yourself with these unique face masks with original art designed by Maria Beck. They are double lined and have adjustable elastic ear loops (that you can knot for a custom fit). These artistic face masks are also washable/reusable! **Free shipping!**
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    The woman on the moon, staring up into the planets began with a vision I had one night while gazing at the crescent moon. I envisioned a  woman nestled within the moon and seemingly in awe as she gazed at the stars and planets above her. I enjoyed painting this piece, something cosmic and universal came to life as I painted. Empowering women to take risks and chances while believing that the sky is the limit!
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • These quaint little cottages with the little hearts on the shutters bring back memories of many New England vacation spots. The colors pink, turquoise and ultramarine blue blend together perfectly and the moon reflecting in the water lends even more charm to this lovely summer nightscape. This picturesque oil painting will look fabulous on any wall. Especially in someone’s summer home!
    Oil/Canvas - 20" x 10"
  • These Bearded Irises in the Round have an Egyptian look to them. When Egypt conquered Syria, the king coveted Iris plants and planted them in his gardens. Irises were regarded by the Egyptians to symbolize the renewal and essence of life. The three petals standing for wisdom, valor and faith. Iris is the Greek word for “rainbow.” These purple Irises on a shiny gold background will add a simple elegance to any wall!
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • This bright cheerful painting is tranquil yet bold. With the beauty of the sunflowers and bees highlighted by the magnificent orange sunset. This painting brings attention to the beauty of bees..."the most vital creatures on the planet." Oil on Canvas - 16" x 20"
  • This lovely white horse has an extremely detailed mane. Her sweet face is endearing with beautiful flowers gracing her mane. The background is tapestry like with a magical quality that is befitting for such a beautiful animal! The inspiration for this painting came from a Judy Collins song, titled "Houses," the verse, "through your English meadows your blue eyed horses wander." Oil/Canvas - 20" x 20" (Framed)
  • Castle Walls is a painting that was created after the poem in my blog. I have always been fascinated by castles and have often dreamed of wandering through the corridors of a magnificent stone castle. This is the second castle that I have painted, the first one is titled “Once Upon a Time.” There is a Medieval story which consists of three poems in my blog that were the inspiration for these paintings that brought to life the images in my mind of these grand, romantic, impressive and dramatic fairytale fortresses! Acrylic/Canvas - 24" x 29" (Framed)
  • This painting stems from my love of Italy! Colorful cliffside houses, bright red flowers, sun, sea and sand; what more can you ask for? This painting captures it all with it’s panoramic views and colorful tower homes inviting you to enter with your imagination. Gloriously bright colors will draw you in and make you feel at home in this charming seaside village! Oil/Canvas - 23" x 27" (Framed)
  • The woman with a Dragon on her back represents a time when a woman stands up for herself. Unapologetic about her beliefs. The Dragon is the embodiment of Chaos and Untamed Nature. The Dragon stands for action without fear of consequences. Dragons symbolize depth, passion and protection! “Even Angels Fall” means that there is a time when women have to break out of “pleaser” mode, because pleasing comes from a place of fear, (fear of loss or rejection.) Giving however, comes from a place of pride and strength because you truly care about someone without expecting something in return. Realizing that it is okay to develop emotional boundaries with people, and it is okay to be angry if it gives us a sense of ourselves that leads to an emotional, beneficial re-education. This is a powerful painting about a woman awakening to her authenticity!
    Oil/Canvas - 18.5" x 13.5" (Framed)
  • This painting is very important, because it documents the times. As an artist I feel that it is my duty to put my God given gift to use when there are monumental events happening in this bright yet sometimes bitter world that we live in. This painting documents the last few months. Black Lives Matter Acrylic/Canvas - 19" x 23" (Framed)
  • These beautiful fall sunflowers have a rich brown background that makes them pop out. The center of these flowers look life like, as the layered oil paint brings a realistic look. Most people desire to reach out and touch it, because it is so realistic looking. This painting would grace any wall with its simple beauty! Oil/Canvas - 20" x 10"
  • My uncle used to save the bottoms of wooden cheese boxes and glue them together for me to paint on. I never used them until COVID 19 hit. Then I ran out of canvas and I was so happy to have these wooden circles in my closet. That is how I came up with the idea for the “flowers in the round” series.
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • This was the last painting in my sunflower series. I really enjoyed building upon the layers of oil paint. There is a truly beautiful center of a woven tapestry like quality to this flower. The finishing touch of the magnificent gold frame really makes this painting one of my favorites! Quite pleased with the results. Oil/Canvas - 16" x 13" (Framed)
  • The creation of this painting came to me by a friend through a challenge. They sent a photo of an Italian village nestled into the hills and challenged me to paint a likeness of it. An extremely detailed painting,  I love the composition of all the colors, texture and light. I hope other people can enjoy this as much as I enjoyed painting it!
    Oil/Canvas - 24" x 24" (Framed)
  • Folk-art painting of a couple blooming out of a tree. Expressing their love for each other.
    Acrylic/Canvas - 25" x 21" (Framed)
  • I always loved Mermaids and the idea came to me of painting a magical Mermaid lifting a conch shell to her ear as she listened to the lullaby of the ocean. This lovely sea creature has such a soothing look about her that you instantly get a sense of calmness and serenity when you view this painting. I was extremely pleased with the finished work.
    Oil/Canvas - 28" x 25" (Framed)
  • Modern Girl

    After my husband passed I spent a lot of time in book stores looking at books and magazines. I came upon an idea of painting a models body and changing the face to somebody that I knew. My friends were more than happy to help because they liked the idea. I have continued with this method of painting, if I see a gown or a pose that inspires me. I adore fashion and the beautiful magazines that highlight lovely, faces, bodies, clothing and accessories. So when I paint these rather huge paintings I find it to be very exciting, almost as if I am part of the fashion industry!
    Acrylic/Canvas - 44.5" x 35" (Framed)


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