Acrylic on Canvas

  • This was a time when dating was rediscovered, the painting highlights the beauty of the gown, however the woman leans back sitting against the table, blending into the candlelight. Capturing the uncertainty and the shyness of a woman that knows it is time to feel life again but does not have the self-confidence or the knowledge on how to begin!
    Acrylic/Canvas - 51" x 27" (Framed)
  • These angels came to me one night in a dream. I got up in the middle of the night and did a rough sketch. The painting came easily to me, as the brush flowed in my hand.
    Acrylic/Canvas - 24" x 18"
  • Castle Walls Castle Walls
    Castle Walls is a painting that was created after the poem in my blog. I have always been fascinated by castles and have often dreamed of wandering through the corridors of a magnificent stone castle. This is the second castle that I have painted, the first one is titled “Once Upon a Time.” There is a Medieval story which consists of three poems in my blog that were the inspiration for these paintings that brought to life the images in my mind of these grand, romantic, impressive and dramatic fairytale fortresses! Acrylic/Canvas - 24" x 29" (Framed)
  • This painting is very important, because it documents the times. As an artist I feel that it is my duty to put my God given gift to use when there are monumental events happening in this bright yet sometimes bitter world that we live in. This painting documents the last few months. Black Lives Matter Acrylic/Canvas - 19" x 23" (Framed)
  • Love in Bloom Love in Bloom
    Folk-art painting of a couple blooming out of a tree. Expressing their love for each other.
    Acrylic/Canvas - 25" x 21" (Framed)
  • Modern Girl

    After my husband passed I spent a lot of time in book stores looking at books and magazines. I came upon an idea of painting a models body and changing the face to somebody that I knew. My friends were more than happy to help because they liked the idea. I have continued with this method of painting, if I see a gown or a pose that inspires me. I adore fashion and the beautiful magazines that highlight lovely, faces, bodies, clothing and accessories. So when I paint these rather huge paintings I find it to be very exciting, almost as if I am part of the fashion industry!
    Acrylic/Canvas - 44.5" x 35" (Framed)
  • Pinky

    Brings back a memory when I was going to my first prom and I wanted this gorgeous pink gown, but my parents said “No,” because it was too “grown up,” looking for me. I will always remember that gown and my longing for that beautiful shoulder less gown with the over skirt of tulle. That is the story of how “Pinky” was created! Acrylic/Canvas - 45" x 35" (Framed)
  • This is a tranquil and whimsical painting. Everyone can recall the childhood feeling of joy and relaxation that we felt from sitting in a swing. Combined with the roses, books, and the little critter in the tree, making this one of a kind painting the ideal dreamscape! Acrylic/Canvas - 16" x 19" (Framed)
  • Stretching the blues away, was inspired by photos of yoga poses. I saw the pictures, then right away the title came into my mind as I envisioned a woman stretching surrounded by the color blue. As I got deeper into the painting the idea of a blue tattoo came into my mind. "The painting evolves as the mind roams," and here is the finished product! Acrylic/Canvas - 20" x 10"
  • A day for me was the inspiration for this lovely acrylic painting. Right in the middle of a peaceful day spent reading my favorite book; beautiful pink roses were delivered to my door. Which made "A day for me" even more relaxing, and special. I added a cup of tea, and picked up my paint brush. Acrylic/Canvas - 11.5" x 9.5" (Framed)
  • I have always been fascinated with colorful, vibrant Koi fish that live in water gardens. The Koi is a symbol of good fortune, luck and prosperity in Japan. I really enjoyed painting these beautiful fish, swimming gracefully together!
    Acrylic/Canvas - 20" x 16"

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