• One of the “flowers in the round” series. These bright pink roses in the woven basket are a cheerful way to brighten up any wall. There is a beautiful build up on the paints that make these roses come to life. Pink roses symbolize grace, joy, romantic love and beauty.
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • These Bearded Irises in the Round have an Egyptian look to them. When Egypt conquered Syria, the king coveted Iris plants and planted them in his gardens. Irises were regarded by the Egyptians to symbolize the renewal and essence of life. The three petals standing for wisdom, valor and faith. Iris is the Greek word for “rainbow.” These purple Irises on a shiny gold background will add a simple elegance to any wall!
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • These beautiful Water Lilies in the Round have shades of pink, magenta, crimson and yellow, floating on their pads blended with shades of green, will bring to memory the loveliest of summer days!
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • I have always been fascinated with colorful, vibrant Koi fish that live in water gardens. The Koi is a symbol of good fortune, luck and prosperity in Japan. I really enjoyed painting these beautiful fish, swimming gracefully together!
    Acrylic/Canvas - 20" x 16"
  • Mother Sun

    The sun is the powerful center of the solar system, providing life-giving light, energy and heat to the Earth. Insects are also crucial components of the ecosystem. They pollinate blossoms, aerate the soil, control plant pests and other insects. Bees are vital to pollinate the food we need to survive. Due to the use of toxic pesticides bees are constantly threatened and are in decline. This painting points out that the bee is at the top of the hierarchy and that other insects are extremely important too. Climate change is a contributing factor in the decline of bees; help a bee in need by planting bee-friendly flowers!
    Acrylic/Wood - 13" x 13"
  • Yellow roses represent friendship and caring. They convey affection and warmth, another way of saying, remember me or good luck. I love yellow roses, and took care in building the oil paint to make this painting look like a tapestry. If you love yellow roses, this painting will bring you a lot of joy!
    Oil/Canvas - 19" x 16 " (Framed)
  • This painting represents a woman’s decision to empower herself by embracing self-love and self-care. Treasuring her femininity and appreciating the most beautiful version of herself at any age. With all the gifts a woman can bring into their own life and their significant others… by allowing herself to be sexy, daring, playful, soft, sweet and mysterious!
    Oil/Canvas - 18" x 13.5" (Framed)
  • This painting is very magical with the little birds resting on the bright red mushrooms, surrounded by autumn leaves, flowers and branches. It speaks to me of a place where these two little birds can hideaway in a safe and beautiful spot where no-one will bother them. They blend into the natural surroundings and lend a peaceful feeling to the enchanted woods!
    Oil/Canvas - 18" x 13.5" (Framed)
  • The woman with a Dragon on her back represents a time when a woman stands up for herself. Unapologetic about her beliefs. The Dragon is the embodiment of Chaos and Untamed Nature. The Dragon stands for action without fear of consequences. Dragons symbolize depth, passion and protection! “Even Angels Fall” means that there is a time when women have to break out of “pleaser” mode, because pleasing comes from a place of fear, (fear of loss or rejection.) Giving however, comes from a place of pride and strength because you truly care about someone without expecting something in return. Realizing that it is okay to develop emotional boundaries with people, and it is okay to be angry if it gives us a sense of ourselves that leads to an emotional, beneficial re-education. This is a powerful painting about a woman awakening to her authenticity!
    Oil/Canvas - 18.5" x 13.5" (Framed)
  • Flowers on the window ledge was taken from an image that was embedded into my mind. A memory of a kitchen window with cheerful sunflowers in a glass vase. Colors of summer leaves fading out as autumn leaves blended in with them. A slight trail of a path leading into the dense woods, as the leaves waved, beckoning me to come and be one with nature!
    Oil/Canvas - 19" x 15" (Framed)
  • This painting was inspired by a picture. I have always loved wildflowers and when I saw the picture in a calendar I was drawn to it. I changed it up a bit, and the flowers are much denser, but I was extremely pleased with the way it came out. It reminds me of running up a hill and turning the bend and much to my surprise there was a blanket of beautiful, colorful wildflowers covering the landscape. Then I would pick a bunch of the little fragile flowers cradling them gently in my hands until I arrived home to place them in a vase where they graced my kitchen table!
    Oil/Canvas - 19.5" x 16" (Framed)
  • When I was younger I constantly had dreams of walking through a castle, rubbing my hands along the stone walls as I walked by. I decided that I would paint a forgotten castle, high on the hill overlooking the water. I added a huge, colorful mysterious moon for a mystical look. I like the title: “Once Upon a Time,” it seems to sum it up nicely!
    Oil/Canvas - 18" x 14"
  • I always loved Mermaids and the idea came to me of painting a magical Mermaid lifting a conch shell to her ear as she listened to the lullaby of the ocean. This lovely sea creature has such a soothing look about her that you instantly get a sense of calmness and serenity when you view this painting. I was extremely pleased with the finished work.
    Oil/Canvas - 28" x 25" (Framed)
  • This whimsical sunflower is built up in layers of oil paint. Everything seems like it is moving in a bright, playful way. The sun, the leaves, the petals and the clouds. This painting is full of color and life. It is sure to brighten up even the cloudiest of days! Oil/Canvas - 20" x 10"
  • These beautiful fall sunflowers have a rich brown background that makes them pop out. The center of these flowers look life like, as the layered oil paint brings a realistic look. Most people desire to reach out and touch it, because it is so realistic looking. This painting would grace any wall with its simple beauty! Oil/Canvas - 20" x 10"
  • Depicting the many moods of the sea (1 in a set of 4). Oil/Canvas - 16" x 13" (Framed)
  • Depicting the many moods of the sea (1 in a set of 4). Oil/Canvas - 16" x 13" (Framed)
  • Depicting the many moods of the sea (1 in a set of 4). Oil/Canvas - 16" x 13" (Framed)
  • Depicting the many moods of the sea (1 in a set of 4). Oil/Canvas - 16" x 13" (Framed)
  • This painting is very important, because it documents the times. As an artist I feel that it is my duty to put my God given gift to use when there are monumental events happening in this bright yet sometimes bitter world that we live in. This painting documents the last few months. Black Lives Matter Acrylic/Canvas - 19" x 23" (Framed)


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