I dreamt about a palomino called Midnight
And that is how my faithful steed was named
My courageous stallion was such a beautiful sight
Like myself he was born to remain untamed

At the sight of fire, horses freeze with panic
Though my horse named Midnight showed no fear
He did not flee, he did not kick
He did not rear in the smoke filled air

Like a steadfast guard, he was my hero
Patiently waiting for my return
Braving all the fiery arrows
Miraculously standing as the castle burned

He whinnied with a cry of exhilaration
as I quickly mounted, giving the cue to flee
He galloped warning death and damnation
To anyone that threatened me

I’m Lady of Shallot and I owe my life
To a palomino named Midnight
Who bravely endured that bitter strife
Galloping till the enemy was out of sight

When I named him Midnight the royals laughed
His golden color with a name so dark
But we survived the blackest bloodbath
As my golden stallion surpassed all benchmarks!