Maria Beck

Maria Beck


I was born and raised in Westport, Connecticut. Coming from a large family and being the middle child was not easy. I was affected by the birth order lottery; suffering from the middle child syndrome, often feeling invisible or left out. My mothers sister never had any children of her own, and decided to take me under her wing.

When I visited her, the birth order dilemma was magically reversed as I became the only child showered with undivided attention from my aunt Julie. She kept me entertained by purchasing plenty of craft projects for me…coloring books, paint by numbers, clay projects, puppet making, creative masks and more. My imagination soared as I was encouraged to think out of the box. My mind expanded, rocketing with colors, shapes, designs and creativity, which ignited my soul and spirit making me who I am today…an artist, poet, and an author.

I have been included in several exhibitions (see below), two in Ridgefield, CT. and one in Westport, CT.

When I am not in my art studio with oil paint covering my hands and canvas you will find me hanging out with great friends, horseback riding or curling up with an awesome book!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my life and my art with you!

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