Art is when the hand dances with a brush full of color

Maria Beck Artist | The color wheel that I use to create my paintings is the palette of life. Mine follows a table containing colors with relation to emotions. Feelings are attached to colors, therefore, colors set the mood for the painting. I begin with a tapestry of colors within my mind, placing them with just as much importance, or even more so, than the subject matter at hand. Breathing life into my work through an emotional color process. This well thought consideration of using color to communicate is projected into each original work of art that I create. I feel that “life in general is a vivid palette full of colors.”

The birth of an artist! The moment when the soul awakens to creativity

Maria Beck Artist | When my husband Fred, was dying from cancer 10 years ago, he went from being an extremely active and happy-go-lucky man to a saddened bedridden shell of a man. This deterioration of such a vibrant spirit filled both of our hearts with pain. My heart ached for him, so I decided to do my best to cheer him up. I went to an art store and purchased a nice size art easel, canvas and paints. Mind you, I had not picked up a paint brush in 20 years. I then propped the art easel next to his side of the bed, so that I could be near him, and hopefully entertain him with some bright colorful paintings. Then, out of my strong desire to make my husband happy and to take his mind off of the fact that he was dying, came the “gift of creativity.” The brush danced magically in my hand! I have been painting ever since that day.